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Bible Study

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Janice has a YouTube channel with many of her video messages.
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Below are several study series of short Bible lessons (about 3-4 minutes to read) that went out every Sunday in English and German/English for several years. The lessons are transcripts of many of seven years of radio programs Janice did in the St. Louis area. Then they went to an email Bible Study list every week. They were being translated into German, Swedish, Russian, Finnish and other languages and were sent through several other countries.

Click the title links for pdf files which can be downloaded.

  God’s Faithfulness in My Daily Battles (42 lessons)
One of the main things that separates Christians from non-believers is how we handle life’s jolts. Join us in this study of Psalm 27, observing how King David handled pressure from his enemies and, in turn, learn how we can handle pressure in our own lives.
  The Joy of Obeying God’s Word (80 lessons)
Janice teaches this series on Psalm 119 using the psalmists love for the Word to reflect her own. Obedience is not to be a drudgery, but a delight. The Word can captivate our entire being if we let it. The Bible says that the ways of the flesh are hard but in God’s presence is fullness of joy. Join us in a journey with the lover of our souls.

The Lord is My Shepherd (35 lessons)
Janice teaches this series on Psalm 23 using characteristics of sheep and shepherds that she has learned from her home country of Scotland and her own relationship with the Good Shepherd. These teachings can impact your own relationship with Jesus and with others in your life.

This study has been turned into a devotional book available in color or black/white. Contact for more details.


God’s Virtuous Woman (64 lessons)
The Bible tells us that Proverbs 31 is written by King Lemuel about what his mother taught him. This chapter is not just for women. It is also for parents and grandparents to train children, and for young men to know what to seek in a wife. Single women can use the same principles in their relationship with God and authority figures.

This study has been turned into a devotional book available in color or black/white. Contact for more details.


"Study to shew yourselves to be approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth." II Timothy 3:16

Janice McBride

1941 Croftdale Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031