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“Life Messages” Media

Janice has an extensive CD/tape/DVD ministry reaching into many countries. Janice’s tapes are called “life messages” because they are born out of her life. As she says, “a message from a mind will only reach a mind, but a message from a life will transform a life.”

These messages are on many subjects, such as:

• Family and other Relationships
• Getting Forgiven and Set Free
• Allowing Suffering to Conform us to Christ
• Rebuilding Broken Lives
• Training in Righteousness
• many other topics

Click below for catalog pdf or testimony mp3.


Download Janice's testimony here. (File is a 72mb mp3 and may take a while to download.)

Click here to download media catalog.

Janice McBride

1941 Croftdale Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031